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Also, many of them voted Democrat and continue to do so, because the Dems are subsidizing them without politicizing it like moronic Republicans tend to do. There is a very good reason for the electoral college. research paper helper content Albert Ruiz, please stop flying over the continent, and talk to people who live in the heartland … maybe also read a little bit deeper than averages when consuming statistics. Your team is more impotant because it produces the food?

Fortunately for us this was anticipated by our founding fathers, who recognized the entire countryside did not want to be ruled by such madness ALL the time… making it possible for them, if they almost ALL agreed, to push back against the few areas that are stacked so high in blue. Income tax is unconstitutional and nothing but theft used to grow government beyond what the constitution allows. assignment writing service usa india Your crime stats are out of date. Get rid of liberals, and the problems in America would all be solved. If you look at the county map, especially, Hillary only won a few urban areas in the country which is hardly representative of the country as a whole.

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And then there could be links to the websites of the parties, the candidates, the individual counties — and thus eventually connections to the entire Internet. View Table of Contents. Buy college research paper electoral map Japan and South Korea understands the importance of preserving their culture, but still allowing people of good will in. According to the county election results in California, Trump was really the winner in that State too. Oh, this is a fun game.

But my by view, the unfortunate reality is that some of the people our country has to deal with are basically gangsters speaking of world leaders and private business. Yet your column for Cook County Chicago is about the same height, even though in Chicago, Clinton got , votes and Trump got , votes, a margin of only , votes. Buy college research paper electoral map Crying out for a popular vote without knowledge of why there is an Electoral College system is ignorance. Take affordable housing for an example.

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We are on a path to socialism and they do not want it. Member nations in the EU have very broad authority over their own affairs at the direction of their respective charters, constitutions, or whatever other founding document is relevant and domestically elected officials. write my research paper for me for free legit Max the air that you make in logic is in the size of our country and the extreme differences from region to region. There would be a flood of lawsuits the first time it is tried to apply it. Not a fair comment on my part.

Their votes ended up being split between three other Democratic candidates, with 19 abstentions, none of which changed the election's outcome—a landslide win by Ulysses S. When you have a president winning fewer votes that his opponent, but winning the presidency, then the system is broken. the help essay prompts list Its actually worse than it looks. Economically speaking, I believe you are incorrect about the city populations requiring equal representation than the rural.

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This might just be the state to experience the collapse to which you refer. Now that all the power is at the federal level, it makes a lot less sense. Buy college research paper electoral map I learned why in the 5th grade!! NO NO NO A plurality vote describes the circumstance when a candidate polls more votes than any other, but does not receive a majority.. Hex maps are definitely my favourite of the 2D variety.

The 3d map gives a total faults impression in fact the 3 d map is so bad it really can only be called a lie. This map shows clearly the power of welfare. Buy college research paper electoral map Poverty is lower in cities that in rural areas. Democrats love illegal immigrants, particularly at election time.

Albert, are you familiar with Merriam-Webster? I think now is a perfect time for the left to be persuaded to reduce the centralized power of the federal government given the shear panic that resulted from this Presidential election. So if we did this last election, Trump wins in a landslide to , roughly. Buy college research paper electoral map The Electoral College polarized Americans from its inception.

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